Veteranflyggruppen in Uddevalla



You've just find Your way to Veteranflyggruppens (swedish forVeteran/Vintage Flight Group) web site.
Here we profile ourselves and show some of our doings in Veteranflyggruppen in Uddevalla.

Now, early in the beginning having a new website, we can only offer a few things to take part of, but we continously work on adding new material.
So hang in there, read what we have today, and please get back later!

And if You find uor doings very interesting, why not accompany us. There are some serious flight veterans and other knowledgeable people that has a lot to tell. The social part is an equal big part of the group as the restoration fo airplanes.

Today, we work on an SK-16, which is the swedish version of the Nordyin built Harvard IIB.
One day she will be in the air again...

Kent Mattsson

President & Build leader
Veteranflyggruppen in Uddevalla

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