Meeting 2003 & Flying with SAAB SAFIR (SK-50) at Backamo airfield


© Picture & Photo Copyright by Veteranflyggruppen i Uddevalla, otherwise stated.


The meeting in late May 2003 was held at former Bohus Batallion.
Since it long been discussed to arrange some flying too, both for member with or without certificate we took the opportunity.
Backamo airfield  is located just on the other side of the road.

The weather wasn't very inspiring, pretty damp, and a low roof.
Due to this it was much more fun when a bit unusual engine noise were heard in a distance,
and Steppen shortly after passed on his way in to land a at F7 based SK-50 SAAB Safir.

The wheather after this were continously getting better, and with that also our mood. Our members were then off  flying with Steppen in different directions.
Speaking for myself it was the first time I ever been in a SK-50.
Rookie as I was/am with only 2 flight lessons, I managed a couple of gentle bankings above Trollhättan.
Steppen then grabbed the rudder and showed real turns.

Below some pictures from the happening...


One picture of the lady passing by with Steppen at the controls.


Kent and Steppen, with the Henriksson (Avrosys) family inside cockpit.


Bengt enters cockpit (somewhat larger then the Vampire or swedish Tunnan huh?).

Note the bent rudder, made to fit into the propeller slipstream and reduce the footwork at different throttles.
Imagine the airplanes of today having such a smart construction?


Cockpit view.

My (admins) first thought was -"Woow... do I really dare to fly in something this old?".
One look at the instrumentation is enough...
My fears quite fast disappeared. Whothout being any kind of reference when it comes to airplanes,
it just took me a small while to feel secure, since the aircraft felt more solid then other I've flewn with.
People knowing there planes tells it also shall have a great rudder harmony.

Well... built by a swede, who once worked at Messerschmidt...


Steppen shows Christian H. & David all the gizmos before Take-off.


And off we go!...


Safe back on Terra Firma. Two cheerful dudes!



And a big Thank You to Steppen, who made the flying this day possible!