Trip to swedish Airforce Museum in Linköping & sim-flying in JAS 39 Gripen, part II


© Picture & Photo Copyright by Veteranflyggruppen i Uddevalla, otherwise stated.


When arriving the colourful machines tells You were You are. It Does feel somewhat nostalgic....


As soon as we were inside the museum, both sightseeing and flying are commenced.
Here shown is Trollhättan aeroclubs Leif Wennersten at full throttle above Linköping city.


The sightseeing with a very skilled and ethusiastic guide from the airforce museum.


The Airforce museum guide (behind the canope to the right), tells us the story behind "Lill-draken" (i.e. the small experimental
delta wing half size test version preceeding the J35 Draken).


And then, of course, one in particular intresting object for us in Veteranflyggruppen... Yummie!


At the Pratt & Whitney WASP-engines which amongst others SK-16 used, it's very common
that the popular emblem (plug) placed when new, ended up in pilotes and mechanics pockets,
being replaced by our swedish coin with the value "5 öre".

Above one picture from the WASP plug located in the Airforce museum Norseman.
Does anyone know what this "Hubbard W" is?

Kent Mattsson outside the Airforce museum.
Imagine getting to restore this lovely Catalina into flying condition!...


Of course we thank Trollhättan aeroclubs Staffan who arranged the event, and Tedor who drove the bus there.